Super Fast Formula 4331

General Info

The 100% active car and truck wash. Deep cleaning action, superior rinsing, and real cost savings.

A liquid concentrate, for use in all areas of car wash operations for both manual and automatic applications, may be prepared by dissolving 1 Lb of concentrated powder Formula 4331 per gallon of water at 70°F (21°C). This concentratemay be used for further proportioning just as you would usa a regular liquid concentrate.





1. For pre-rinse, add 5 lbs. of powder per 50 gallons of water and inject into pre-rinse phase at normal dilution with warm or hot water.

2. Brush application: add 1 to 2 lbs. of powder per 100 gallons of water contained in the solution tank.

3. Rinse vehicle surfaces before applying rinse wax to surface.



1. Add 1/2 to 1 oz. powder per galon of hot water and apply by wiping, brushing, or using pressure washer. Do not allow solution to dry on car surface.

2. Rinse cleaned areas with clear water.

3. Wipe dry or allow surface to air dry.



1. Premix 1/2 Lb. per gallon of water and stir until dissolved.

2. Dilute premix throught a proportioner, or make up a solution with a ratio of 4-6oz. per gallon.

3. Apply to vehicle surface with pressure washer, low pressure spray or brush and agitate on surface.

4. Rinse throroughly with pressure washer or strong stream of water.